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  • How often is TJ at the events hosted?
    TJ is always an active member of the hosted events and programs. He frequently joins in participating with the youth he is serving.
  • How many kids do your foundation service every year?
    The TJ Carrie Foundation services hundreds of youth throughout the year with its many programs and events. Check out our photo galleries to see us active in the communities. "LINK"
  • Is the football camp open to anybody?
  • How can my funds help?
  • How can I apply to be in Camp Carrie?
    Applications for Camp Carrie open at the beginning of each calendar year. Please visit our website for the application.
  • What are the requirements to be a part of the programs (Heart Warrior, Dream Big, Be A Pro, Financial Literacy, etc.)?
    Please contact Brenda Sniezek for specific requirements.
  • How can I get a Shadow Buddy?
    Shadow Buddies are designated for our Heart Warriors. Unfortunately, you may not order a TJ Carrie Heart Shadow Buddy for yourself, but fortunately you CAN donate a Shadow Buddy to be given away at our hospital visits. Click the link below to donate a shadow buddy today.
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