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Our Team

The TJ Carrie Foundation Team is composed of a variety of talented visionaries who have helped lead the way in creating the platforms and programs that allow for the TJ Carrie foundation to help youth in achieving their dreams and Goals.

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TJ Carrie


As a professional football player being able to play the game is such a blessing for me each day, and one that.. Read More

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Brenda Sniezek

Executive Director, Board Member

a community relations specialist, helps individuals and organizations fulfill their social responsibility through community... Read More


TyIsha Carrie

Co-Founder, Vice President

a native of Lorain, Ohio. She graduated with a Bachelor in Communication Studies... Read More

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Keith Harris

Director of Business Development (Staff)

the Managing Partner of Athletes Business Consultants, LLC. In this role, Keith is responsible for leading the execution of brand and marketing strategies... Read More


Dr. Franceska Jones 

Director of Fundraising and Community Outreach (Staff)

is deeply committed to the growth and sustainability of
cities across the nation. Her expertise lies in her extensive knowledge of higher... Read More

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