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  • Welcome to where Warriors Connect!

    Connecting Heart Warriors Worldwide Hey guys! Welcome to Warrior Connect. We are so excited to launch this blog and give heart warriors all over the world a chance to connect with each other. Our hopes with this blog is to give warriors a chance to connect, keep you guys up to date with events that the TJ Carrie Foundation is a part of and insight some great conversations! So lets start now! Lets set up your profile & get you connected. Step 1) Head to the top of the page and click this icon Step 2) Welcome to Warrior Connect! We hope your Warriors are as excited to connect as we are. We can't wait to hear your stories and hear all about your progress and updates. Make sure to set up your profile today to start leaving comments and connecting with other Heart Warriors just like you!

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  • Donate | TJ Carrie Foundation


  • | TJ Carrie Foundation

    Donate a HEART shadow buddy today! The buddy is a soft doll designed to be a “friend like me,” with an incision scar down the chest and a red mended heart. When faced with fear when undergoing an open-heart surgery and TJ understands that having a buddy provides comfort and something tangible that can be held onto at that moment and even for a lifetime. DONATE NOW

  • | TJ Carrie Foundation

    Request a Heart Screening Through our partnership with MCORE foundation We provide the only high level mobile cardiac assessment that gives a baseline heart evaluation for use with your medical provider. Testing that is otherwise not available and for little or no cost. Let us educate our communities and prevent these tragedies from happening. Enter your email here Sign Up Thanks for submitting!

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